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These interactive digital guides are designed to promote the use of correct English grammar. They are a useful teaching/learning tool for:

  • students – at all levels
  • teachers
  • language enthusiast
  • all who take the quality of language seriously.
  • for test prep and review for exams.

With these guides anyone can have fun improving his or her grammar skills. The method is practical and organized for ease of use. They also deal with common everyday mistakes. One reviewer, after going through them remarked:

“Never knew I made so many mistakes. Everyone should have a copy of each.”

Available guides include:
  • Grammar Guide 1, which deals with verb agreement                                      Front cover image of Grammar Guide 1
  • Grammar Guide 2, focuses on pronoun agreement.                                        cb-gramguide2fcover
  • Grammar Guide 3, deals with the use of countable and uncountable nouns.cb-gramguide3fcover

Other guides are in the making and will be added to the list in the future.

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  • students – at all levels
  • teachers
  • language enthusiast
  • all who take the quality of language seriously

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